FAQ & Extras

You've got questions? We've got answers! 

Are Taryn & Meg the coolest photographers out there? 

Okay you got us! This question has never been asked... and we might be a bit biased but we are just going to put it out there that it is true! We like to think we are super fun and are willing to go to all lengths to make you have fun and to get the best shots!

... but seriously...

What's with the whole wedding/engagement and separate packages?

Here's the deal... generally people like to get the WHOLE package of an engagement session & wedding day all for one price. We like that too! We also like to give a few different options as not everyone fits into one category! We have been known to give even more options than the below so click on the Say Hello! tab below and let us know you are interested. We are bound to work something out to suit your needs! 

When are the deposits/payments due?

For weddings, we will need a non-refundable deposit of $400 to be sent within one week of booking to "Save your date and your photographers". The remaining amount is to be paid on the big day or before. For smaller sessions, payment is required before the start of the session. 

How soon after our session should we expect to see our online gallery?

For smaller sessions, you can expect to see your online gallery within 2 weeks of your session. We generally try to post a few of our favorites as sneak peeks (with your permission... of course) within the first 5 days of your session. This will vary with the busy season but we are pretty good at getting you your pictures relatively quick! 

For weddings, we ask that you give us 3-4 weeks to get the online gallery together for you. Most of the time we get them done sooner but in those rare instances that we get caught up in staring at every unique detail of your wedding day, we might need the 4 weeks. When we are giving you over 1,000 photos, we want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best and each one of them is touched with our love and unique editing style! 

Can we share, print, and post our photos?

YES! ABSOLUTELY! We actually encourage it! You will have all of the rights to your photos to do with what you please!  All we ask, is that you do not edit or alter them yourself as it is reflecting our work and we work hard to get the look we gave you. 

Will I/we get both photographers? 

It depends! Weddings? You bet! We will both be there with bells and whistles on ready to take on your day with you! Engagement sessions? Yep! If you booked us for your wedding, you are paying for the both of us, so we will work out a day that works for all of us! All of the other sessions will be on a session-to-session basis and we will work out whatever works best for one of us, both of us and/or all of us.

Should I/we send a list of photo ideas?

About a month before the big day, we will try to set a date to meet up and recap your wants/needs and expectations of us for your day. (At that time a list of family members and group photos is appreciated but not necessary)